Wondering How to Pay for Private Online High School?

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Choosing the right school for your child comes first

There are many private online schools to choose from, but how do you make the right choice?  Just like everything else we shop for, you need to do some homework.  It’s important to make the right choice for your student and the right fit for your wallet.

When my wife and I made the decision to enroll our daughter in a private online high school we, first focused on what was the best school to fill her academic needs. Once we determined that, I asked the question, “How much?” We were fortunate. The school we selected had some options.

Here are 6 factors to consider:

  1. Check out the total tuition cost. This will vary dramatically. I have seen it range from $1,200 to over $6,000 per year.
  2. Be sure to look at all additional fees. Some schools have registration fees, transcript fees, senior fees, support fees, book fees and even shipping fees. Compare apples to apples – total cost to total cost.
  3. Find out if they offer a discount for paying in full at the time of enrollment. Also, look to see if they offer any other discounts, i.e. Military or Sibling Discounts.
  4. If the pay-in-full option is not right for your budget, see if they have a payment plan – preferably one that does not charge interest and one where you can spread the monthly payments out over 4 to 6 months.
  5. If the payment plan still does not work in your budget, call the school. They may be able to do a custom payment plan that would make it feasible. It won’t hurt to ask.
  6. The online school should offer online payment options – look for payments that can be made automatically on your debit or credit card.  This is the most secure way to pay. It is much safer than faxing or emailing your payment information.

OK. Now you are wondering, where did my wife and I enroll our daughter?  We selected Whitmore School powered by CompuHigh.  Whitmore School was the best fit for my daughter for a number of reasons.  But if you ask her, the primary one was the ability to work at her own pace, especially in subjects that were difficult for her. She also liked the fact that there was no high school social drama. My reason was the tuition was fair (not the cheapest or the most expensive). There were no extra fees, and there were flexible payment options. Good fit for my daughter and my wallet.

Whitmore School is rated by parents as Top 10 Best Rated Online High School at Consumer Affairs – read what parents and students say about Whitmore School. Consumer Affairs Online High School Parent Reviews

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Steve R.
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