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Mastery is the way we learn. The surgeon does not get licensed until he or she has practiced many times. The gymnast and musician practice daily to hone their skills. Professional golfers play hours every day to keep their skills – Try, Try Again.

According to renowned educator Benjamin Bloom, mastery learning improves academic achievement as well as students’ confidence and engagement in learning.

Unfortunately, most schools are unable to teach using a self-paced mastery approach because of deadlines and scheduled exam dates. Teachers must get through the entire textbook in the typical 180-day school year. As a result, many students get pushed head before they are ready.mastery Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school does things a little differently:

No semesters
No deadlines
No mandatory testing

No kidding

We believe every student is bright and capable of learning. Removing the time based constraints, common in traditional schools, empowers our students to be in charge of their own education. Students work in their own time frame; whether that is an accelerated schedule or one that allows the student to take the time they need to really learn.

Read what recent early graduates have to say about the Mastery Learning approach of Whitmore School.

Early Graduates Class of 2018-19

Emma C., USA – “I had a great experience at Whitmore School! I learned a lot about self-discipline, structure, time management, and organization, along with learning a lot through all of my classes. Whitmore School has helped me progress independently, which I think helped me learn much more. This school has all around improved my life – specifically my education but also my confidence.”

Payton F., USA – “Whitmore School has helped me to not only graduate high school but also succeed and become a better student. Before Whitmore School, I thought I would never get my diploma. I was planning to just get a GED. I didn’t think I would make it this far.”

Nicholas T., USA – “Transitioning to online school was a breeze. All the teachers were nice and helpful and I was able to complete my courses in good time and put my full heart into every answer.”

Geordano P., Italy  – “Fortunately, it has allowed me to study on an American education system, even being in Italy. Also, it has been easier to work and do other activities while studying.”

Clothiel M., USA – “Whitmore School allowed me to have an alternative experience and study what I wanted to study. It also challenged me. Math and science have always been my strongest subjects and by learning online in a different manner than I am used to, I expanded and challenged my abilities… I had enough time to get a full time job, all while taking my courses. This allowed me to rack up job experience, which will benefit me in college and future careers.”

Sasha N., USA – “Due to the amount of time I was given to complete my classes, I had much more free time to focus on other things as well. It helped me not get overwhelmed by work and deadlines like other schools.”

Samantha J., USA –  ”I loved Whitmore – so many wonderful teachers that help you. I am so thankful that Whitmore took me in the middle of the school year. Best decision I have ever made, and my grades improved so much and I am so thankful for that.”

Click here to learn more about Whitmore School’s Mastery Learning.

Written by:Ellen, Whitmore School Principal
Ellen R. Principal and Parent of 2009 Graduate


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