What makes one virtual school get a 5-star rating and another get a 1-star rating?

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5 star rating

#1. The simple answer is Real People Offering Real Solutions!

At Whitmore School we call this being Student Driven. We understand that finding a good fit for your child’s education can be overwhelming. Most people are surprised that we have real people who answer the phone.


When you call Mon – Fri 9:00 – 4:30 Eastern time, one of our dedicated, helpful administrators will actually answer the phone. Usually within 2 rings! Imagine that! You won’t get a long recorded message instructing which button to push to attempt to reach a real person!

Casey and Inga are also the real people behind the Live Chat on our website!

#2. Award-winning self-paced, mastery learning educational approach, accredited by Cognia.

At Whitmore School students make their own schedule to fit their busy life. Not a morning person? No problem!  Athlete or performing artist that needs to travel a lot? No problem! Want to accelerate your learning and graduate early? No Problem! Want to take your time to really learn and understand a tough subject? No problem!

Every student works one-to-one with their teacher on each lesson. Students move on to the next lesson when they have mastered the concepts of a lesson. No student gets pushed ahead before they are ready. No student gets held back by the pace of other students in the class. Whitmore School graduates develop outstanding problem solving and critical thinking skills – important life skills for career or college.

Real people offering real solutions.

We are here to help you. Whitmore School just might be the perfect fit for your teen. Even if it is not the right school for your child, chatting with our caring experts may help point you in the right direction in your search for the right fit for your child. To learn more about Whitmore School, give us a call or chat in on Live Chat.

Ms. Ellen - Principal

Written by:

Ellen Ray, Principal and parent of Alina, 2009 Graduate

July 30, 2021 in

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