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Hey guys! Do you remember what your day was like when attending your traditional high school? Below is a great look at what mine was like and oh boy, it looks like a long day!                          


My typical day at traditional school 

Up at 5:30 am (UGH – no kidding!)
6:30 am stand in the dark at the bus stop
45 minute bus ride (already a bad start to the day)
7:37 am late bell for Math class


I can’t do math at 7:37 in the morning!

This just does not work for me.


I enrolled in Whitmore School, a private online high school that changed everything! I was now in charge of my own education.

At first, I was very excited and motivated to do my work. But, then it lost its glammour , and as time went by, I started to slack in my school work. It was easy for me to get distracted with watching TV, talking on the phone all day, or putting off my school work until the next day. Does this sound familiar to you? Ha! I get it!

As I realized that I was not as focused as I needed to be – or rather my parents pointed it out, I decided to make my own schedule. That was the first step in taking charge. It helped me out TREMENDOUSLY!

The beauty about making my own schedule for school was no one told me what to do, or when to do it. I didn’t have to work at certain hours of the day. It was completely up to me, which is one of the reasons I was successful at Whitmore.

Up at 10:00 am with my cup of coffee and lap top

Personally, I like to sleep in. Around 10:00 am I would get my cup of coffee, a piece of toast and would sit at my laptop and get to work at my desk. I would make it a goal to not stop my school work until lunch time. When noon rolled around, I would finish what I was working on and give myself an hour or so to eat lunch, walk the dog, or whatever it was I wanted to do. This helped me clear my head and feel refreshed.

School work outside!

Something that helped me work better was switching up the places I did my school work. When 1:00 pm came, I would go sit out on the deck and do my school work. Why not? I never got to do this in my traditional high school! After about an hour, I would stop and get ready to go to work. Yes, I had a job while I attended Whitmore School, which is also a benefit of online school!

Night owl at its best!

After coming home from work I would eat dinner with my family and watch a TV show with my mom. When I was ready to head to bed, I would open up my laptop and check to see if I had any revisions to work on. This is when I really got things done. I have always been a night owl and enjoyed doing my school work at night.

My school schedule was spread out over the day. This way I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all my classes, or feel like I had to finish everything at once. Breaking it up during the day helped me stay focused, it gave me something to look forward to, and it gave me the motivation to keep going.

I encourage you to try and make your own schedule! Make sure if fits around YOUR day and what YOU know will work for. Can’t hurt to try it out!

To learn more about taking charge of your own education, click here Whitmore School.

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