Staying Motivated – The Key to Online School Success

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At first, being almost fully responsible for your own high school education, and setting your own pace can seem like a daunting task to be undertaking. There are a number of things you can do to change your mindset, and get started on the path to success.

Goal Setting

A good place to start is to figure out a long-term goal for yourself. My own personal goal was simply to graduate early, so I could move on with my life, and get a jump-start on my career. Your goal does not need to be complex; it can simply be an objective that you are motivated to work towards. For me, every single lesson, class, and credit I completed was just another step closer to completing my goal, and that was all the motivation I needed to stay dedicated to my progress.

Personalize Your Education

After following the same routine every single day, it can become difficult to maintain focus and energy. Just like a traditional high school, Whitmore School allows you to select electives that interest you to be a part of your curriculum. Personally, I am very interested in history, so I was able to customize my high school experience by substituting standard electives for extra history classes. This helped me to stay motivated because I was learning about something I love, and it helped me to stay engaged in my school work.

Plan Ahead

Like many others, I work best under pressure. Plan out your week so you know exactly how many lessons you plan to complete, and how much time you wish to spend on your classes per day. Setting deadlines for myself really helped me to stay motivated to finish my classes on time, and to complete my courses in a timely manner. It can become very easy to procrastinate on your overall progress by focusing on only one particular class. Planning out your day, and how you wish to spend your time across all of your classes is a great way keep a steady pace in all of your classes so you do not fall behind.

Overall, Whitmore School has been a very positive experience for me. The transition to online high school did not come without its challenges. But by following the tips I outlined above, I was able to maintain steady progress, and stay motivated toward my goals.

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