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It is a very widely held misconception that homeschooled students are isolated, and socially awkward. This perception assumes that students, as well as parents, would accept these labels, and choose a life that would cause them to miss out of a variety of experiences. Speaking from personal experience, it certainly takes an effort and a sense of willingness from homeschooled students to engage in cultural, social, and physical activity, but it can be done and with a lot more freedom. At Whitmore School, my school time is not tied to a traditional school calendar. Here are just a few of the social things I have time for.

Sports and Work

Engaging in sports is a form of social interaction. In my case, I played soccer for several years until decided to become more involved and became a referee. I did the training, studied the rules of the game, and took the test to qualify. During my time as a referee. I have met many people who are more experienced, and I have learned a lot from them as well. At home, I try to exercise as much as possible by riding my bike, walking, and other activities.


Traveling is another way that I have been able to branch out socially. As a Whitmore School student, I have taken many trips including traveled to Florida, Wisconsin, and San Francisco where we met family and friends. In each of these place, I stayed for a few days to a week where I had a variety of experiences. Soon, I will travel to Nashville and Dallas, two places I have not been before. In between big trips, I have taken smaller road trips to places around our state or just went sight seeing in our city.

These are just simple examples of how, as a homeschooled student, I incorporated more than just “schoolwork” into my life.  I feel that I have a well-rounded cultural perspective, social interaction, and enough physical activity to make sure that I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. None of these things take an unreasonable amount of time, and they do not interfere with getting school work done.

The best part is that because as a homeschool student, I am not tied to a school calendar which means that I have the freedom to find time for all of these activities without interference with my schooling. Click here if you want to know more about Whitmore School.

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