How Does Online School Prepare You For College?

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Online school was a unique and wonderful opportunity for me. I was a student at Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school, and it was the best decision my parents could have made for my education. The obvious benefits were that I no longer had to get up at 6:00am and wait for the bus, carry textbooks that were too heavy, or sit in a class with 20 other students.

Problem Solver

I became a problem solver. I had to. Now, there was no one telling me what I had to do, and when I had to do it. I had to solve my school schedule on my own. Of course, my parents were involved, but they let me propose a school schedule and then go for it. I made a few adjustments along the way, but this was the first time I really felt in charge of my own education.


Beyond being able to sleep in, and not having to deal with teen social drama, I was empowered to take charge of my education. I got to decide when I would tackle math – not a late bell at 8:03 am. I mean, who decided that math is a good idea at 8:03 am? It is not a good idea.

My school schedule became my own, and it was much less stressful. I was able to wake up in the morning, jump on my computer and begin my courses. I wasn’t being rushed by the clock to finish an assignment before the bell rang. I could take as much time as I needed with the courses I struggled in and fly through the ones I did well in.

Self Discipline and Time Management

Once I got used to online school, I made a schedule that worked for me. There was a lot of wasted time in my traditional school – lunch, walking between classes, and the teachers taking attendance. Now, school only took me 3-4 hours a day. Whitmore taught me time management. I was able to complete my school work, hold a part time job, and keep up with my dance schedule.

One-To-One With My Teachers

The teachers were awesome! Anytime I had a question, they answered me in a clear manner. They motivated me and kept me encouraged to keep going if I was ever stumped on a lesson. This was a new experience for me. In my traditional school, I would never ask questions. No one wants to admit they don’t understand what is going on in the class in front of their peers. Well, at least I didn’t.

Going from sitting in a school for 7 hours a day, to doing my school work from home, on my own schedule was a HUGE stress reliever! Not only that, but I no longer felt like I got left behind in class. At Whitmore, in each course, it is just you and the teacher. I finally got the one-to-one attention I needed.

Perseverance and Mastery Learning

I can’t say that I always loved having to make revisions to my work. Sometimes I just wanted to get a grade and move on. But my toughest teacher was also my favorite teacher. Derwin believed in me and pushed me to improve my writing. When I took my first English course in college, I was prepared. I knew how to conduct research, properly cite my sources and write in a clear and logical manner. When I aced my first college course, I looked back at all those revisions and thanked Derwin for pushing me.

Alina graduation



Graduating from Whitmore prepared me for College. I learned to communicate with others online, manage my schedule, submit work, and overall, do my best on my assignments. There are many students who have Graduated from Whitmore and have gone to excellent Universities that include:



Auburn University
Boston University
Bowdoin College
California State University
Dartmouth College
Wellesley College
West Virginia University

These are just a few! Click here to see a list of college acceptances of Whitmore School graduates. If you are ready to take charge of your education, online school might be right for you too!

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