Help! I Just Signed Up For Online School! What Do I Do Now?

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Time for Something New!
  1. Take a deep breath. You just did something awesome by taking control of your education! Your future is in your very capable hands.  Yours! This is going to be great! 
  2. Figure out what type of schedule works for you. Are you a morning person like me? If so, schedule time in the mornings to do school work each day. Does your brain turn on after 10 PM like my little sister’s? Maybe you can schedule a few hours to get your work done then. Whatever works best for you is what you should do. The key is consistency. Do work each day if you can at whatever time works best for you.
  3. Begin your classes. Most of your first lessons are introductions between you and your teachers. This is so fun because this is where your relationship with your teacher begins!
  4. Ask questions when you have them. One of my favorite things that my students do is ask questions about something they don’t know, don’t understand, or are a tiny bit worried about. I love telling them about the freedom they have in my class to decide how much work they want to submit, or how they can come up with really creative ideas for their essays, etc. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!
  5. Monitor your course progress. Many of my students tell me they want to post every day twice a day. This is a really cool goal, but it’s not as easy to actually complete. Sometimes life gets busy, or your family decides to move halfway across the world, or you get a part-time job or an extra-curricular activity. However, goal setting and progress monitoring are important! At the end of every month or every two months, check to see where you are in each course. Are you reaching your goals for learning? Is there a course you are struggling in that you might need to ask the teacher for some additional help? That is what we are here for! Ask away!
  6. Celebrate the cool things! Did you write the best essay ever for your English class? CELEBRATE! Did you solve a really hard set of math problems? CELEBRATE! Did you think of the coolest social studies project and complete it? CELEBRATE! These are moments that showcase how awesome you are!
  7. Once you get the hang of it, share your story with your fellow students! We love it when our students are willing to write a blog about how they manage school work and their busy lives. We have so many talented students who are doing awesome things while attending our school. We would love it if you would tell you story so we can add it to our school’s blog!

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