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There are many reasons parents choose Whitmore School; flexible school schedule, social concerns with bullying, athletes and performing artists have a busy travel schedules, the homeschooling parent wants an accredited high school for their child.

Students choose us for different reasons: no school buses or school lunches, no dress code, no social drama. Whatever your reasons, a good start is essential. In this series, we will share tips from parents who have successfully made this transition.

Tip #5: Establish an Effective Reward System

Your child is perfect in every way and self-motivated when it comes to school work. No? You’re not alone. Some students will push the limits when they get comfortable in this new learning environment. A simple reward system reinforces expected behavior and encourages continued good conduct. Keep in mind, we are not condoning prizes for every deed, but positive reinforcement has been shown to be a motivator for good behavior.

You know your child best. What motivates him or her? Often times, the most effective rewards are additional privileges. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add 15 – 30 minutes to break time
  • Add 15 – 30 minutes to screen time – TV, gaming, etc.
  • Add 15 – 30 minutes to lights out time
  • Allowed to select the next family movie
  • A trip to the ice cream store
  • Allowed to have a friend over for a movie or game
  • Allowed to take the car to visit a friend
  • Allowed to pick a favorite dinner

Don’t forget to offer praise for a job well-done. Recognition, a pat on the back, or a great big bear hug can be very rewarding.

Whitmore School is School – Anytime – Anyplace!

Written By:
Ellen R.
Principal and Mom of Alina B – 2009 Graduate


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