Getting Off to Great Start Tip #4 Staying On Track

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There are many reasons parents choose Whitmore School; flexible school schedule, social concerns with bullying, athletes and performing artists have a busy travel schedules, the homeschooling parent wants an accredited high school for their child.

Students choose us for different reasons: no school buses or school lunches, no dress code, no social drama. Whatever your reasons, a good start is essential. In this series, we will share tips from parents who have successfully made this transition.

Tip #4: Stay on track

Be Flexible. Setting a schedule is important for student success, but unplanned life events can and do happen. Stay flexible when things are out of the norm. The initial excitement of going to school online has worn off. Your student has become bored with the same routine. What can you do to re-energize your teen? Mix things up a bit.

  • Ask your teen to plan an educational field trip in your community – Do you have any historic sites in your town? How about a trip to the recycling center, or the Chamber of Commerce?
  • Have a Pay It Forward Day in your community. Volunteer to be part of your local Rotary Club Adopt A Highway program, or help deliver Meals on Wheels.
  • Volunteer to walk the dog of an elderly neighbor.
  • Ask your teen to research motivational quotes that will keep them working. I used Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” to keep me motivated to run every morning. What will spur your teen on?
  • Get a little silly – Have a Go to School in Your Pajamas Day!

Here are a few more suggestions if you see your child’s behavior slacking:

  • take a break and have a snack
  • go for a walk and get some fresh air and a cool drink
  • take the dog for a walk
  • get those chores done – after putting the laundry away, the Biology lesson may seem more appealing


Whitmore School is School – Anytime – Anyplace!

Written By:
Ellen R.
Principal and Mom of Alina B – 2009 Graduate


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