Getting Off to Great Start Tip #3 Staying Motivated

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There are many reasons parents choose Whitmore School; flexible school schedule, social concerns with bullying, athletes and performing artists have a busy travel schedules, the homeschooling parent wants an accredited high school for their child.

Students choose us for different reasons: no school buses or school lunches, no dress code, no social drama. Whatever your reasons, a good start is essential. In this series, we will share tips from parents who have successfully made this transition.


Tip #3: Keep Your Teen Motivated 

The initial excitement of going to school online has worn off. Your student has become bored with the same routine. What can you do to re-energize your teen? Empower your teen to be a problem solver. 

  • Take a slow, deep breath to relax.
  • Ask you teen what has them down, bored, anxious, procrastinating, etc. Then, be an active listener and don’t interrupt.
  • Show you understand with positive body language. Nod your head, lean forward, smile.
  • Be realistic. Don’t expect your teen to be excited about every assignment. Part of keeping your child motivated is helping them recognize that they have responsibilities, and not all of them are fun and games.
  • Narrow the focus – If your teen opens up with a flood of issues, let them voice their concerns.
    • Ask your teen to rate the issues from 1-10, with a 10 being the breaking point that stalls or prevents them from completing the task, then focus on the most important issue affecting your teen’s motivation.
    • Author Steven Covey advises to “begin with the end in mind” – Brainstorm with your teen on possible solutions. Avoid telling your child what to do. Instead, allow your child to problem solve.
    • Have your teen write an Action Plan outlining the steps to a solution and set a date to complete the Action Plan. Procrastinators will put it off if there is no deadline.
    • Celebrate successes with praise, encouragement, and recognition. A vote of confidence from you will go a long way in building your teen’s confidence.


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Written By:
Ellen R.
Principal and Mom of Alina B – 2009 Graduate


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