Determination – Be the Bear

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These pictures of a determined black bear prove that problem solving takes a goal and the grit to go after it. (This is also why I had to stop feeding the birds when I lived in New Hampshire.)

Let’s break down his problem-solving steps:

The problem:

The bird feeder is 12 feet high, suspended across two trees by a rope, and inside is yummy bird seed. And, since there are no donuts left in the compost bin, I will just have to go for the bird seed.

The solution:

1. Get 12 feet high by climbing the tree.



3. Shimmy across the rope to get closer to the yummy bird seed. 



3. Use your teeth to pull the yummy bird seed closer. 



4. Use your feet to open the bird feeder and get to the yummy bird seed. 




Want to earn your high school diploma?

Be the Bear.

  1. Climb your tree! Do you need 22 credits? 18 credits? 4.5 credits?
  2. Shimmy across your rope. One course at a time – get closer to the top of your tree.
  3. Use your determination (teeth) and pull yourself closer and closer.
  4. You are almost there! (Do not succumb to senioritis) Finish your last course!

You are the Bear! Bravo!   

Would you like to learn more about  Whitmore School’s Mastery Learning?

Written by:
Ellen R. – Whitmore School Principal
Mom of Alina – 2009 Graduate




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