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It’s funny, even though time marches forward in a straight line, life seems to circle back, always returning to certain themes.


When our children were infants, we were told that if we followed a consistent routine of feeding and sleeping schedules, we would have happy babies. They were right.

When our children were toddlers, we were told if we followed a daily routine, maintained a schedule, and had consistent consequences, we would have happy toddlers. They were right.

When our children were school age, we were told if we maintained a schedule and had consistent rules, we would have happy, well -adjusted kids. They were right.

And then came the teenage years…. 

Consistency became something out of our control. Those sweet, happy children, who had been waiting for the chance at independence, are now the ones making the decisions on when to eat, when to sleep, what to wear, who to be friends with, what classes to take. All you can do is sit back and offer advice to usually deaf ears.

And then there are life’s big changes….

It can happen at any time. A divorce. An illness. A death.  Experts say change hits teenagers the hardest. Ironic, because they are the ones going through so many changes already, you might ask, what’s one more? Apparently, everything.

For our family, it’s a move. Two of them to be exact. Both in less than a year. Both across country. 

New towns, new houses, new bedrooms, new friends, new coaches, new plans for college.

New. New. New.

The happy infant that became the happy toddler that became the happy child, just became the unhappy teenager.

Of course there is a bright spot (because it is very unlike me to be all doom & gloom.)  In all of the moving craziness we found our consistency – Whitmore School, an accredited online high school. When life throws you a little curve ball, there’s no need to change schools, teachers or curriculum.  Whitmore School is portable – you can pack it up and take it with you, anywhere. Whitmore School is flexible – if you need to take some personal time off, the teacher is not going to mark you absent or fail you. Most of all, Whitmore School is consistent. Always there, 24/7, with caring and compassionate teachers.

Happiness found….

Click here to read verified parent reviews of Whitmore School  at Consumer Affairs.

Written By:
Stephanie M.
Elective and Social Studies Teacher
Cal’s and Parker’s Mom


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