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Hey guys! Do you remember sitting in your old high school classroom? The teacher would hand you an assignment and give you a few minutes to do it, then you would have to turn it in? The teacher would give it back to you the next day with a grade. Didn’t matter if you had an A or F, the class would then just move on, and the grade you got was what you got, even if you didn’t understand the lesson.

Mastery Learning means you get a chance to revise your work before it gets graded. What is in it for you?

  1. Better grades on every lesson, and you will boost your GPA

Work on an assignment, send it to the teacher when you are ready, and then the teacher will send it back and point out a few things to revise. This gives you the opportunity to look back at your work and get a better grade!


  1. You will learn, actually learn –  not just memorize for a test

The great thing about revising your work is it gives you the chance to work on a lesson until you truly understand it. Just like when I was a gymnast, we practiced the skills over and over. The coach gave feedback and we would try again. Each time, we would improve. Whitmore School is like that.


  1. No pressure to get it right the first time

There is absolutely NO pressure on getting it right the first time. You can work on the lesson, then revise it and try again.


  1. You can ask questions while revising

One of my favorite things about Whitmore is, not only do you get to revise your lesson, but you can ask your teacher any questions you may have while working on your lesson. And, since you are working one-to-one with your teacher, there is no fear or humiliation of asking questions in front of 24 other students in the classroom. Just you, and your teacher.

Whitmore School is School – Anytime – Anyplace!

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Alina B.
Admissions Assistant and 2009 Graduate

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