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Hey guys, its Alina! Just wanted to talk about doing things outside of your school work. One of the many things I found as an online student is that I had a lot of down-time, which wasn’t good for me. Here are some great ideas to fill your free-time productively.

  1. Get a job

When I got a part-time job, I felt more fulfilled. I had something to look forward to after I finished my school work. It was easy for me to get a job because I could work the that hours most teens are in traditional school. I also made money! And, who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash?

2. Get involved with a sport

Sports give you the opportunity to meet other kids your age. Plus, the exercise is good. Some traditional schools allow private school students to participate in sports. Check with your school to see if you are eligible. Or, check your local town park for recreational sports.

3. Get involved with the arts

Not a fan of sports? Check out your local town park for art classes, or performing arts like theater, dance, or music. Use your talents!

4. Volunteer at a local pet shelter, food bank, or service club in your town

Volunteering at a pet shelter or food bank is another great place to go and meet people and get involved. You will be amazed at how good it feels to give back – so, walk a dog, stock the food bank shelves or pick up litter.

Whitmore School is School – Anytime – Anyplace!

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Alina B.
Admissions Assistant and 2009 Graduate

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