7 Things I Gained From Graduating From a Virtual High School

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I was not your typical student. Or, maybe I was. I loved English and hated math. Maybe you feel the same way.

There was a time where I thought I was not going to graduate from high school. Then my mom enrolled me in Whitmore School. I was able to concentrate, take my time in math without the pressure of a chapter test at the end of the week, and I actually liked my classes again. I got involved with my courses and wanted to learn more. I’m not kidding. I really became a research nut.

Just like so many things in your life, graduating takes a lot of determination, focus, and self discipline. What I learned when I started at Whitmore School, is that when I put my mind to graduating, nothing could stop me. I set my own schedule, and worked on my classes every day. I saw great grades and this motivated me to do my best in all of my lessons.

The results? I made it! Not only that, I graduated early. I love this school! The moment I graduated, it felt like I was a new person who was capable of accomplishing anything.

Think about it, you just worked hard for years, and now I see that it was worth it. Now, you have the chance to go to college, you have the opportunity to go out and meet new people, and you can choose a career that is right for you. Graduating opens so many doors for you.

Graduating also gave me so much more:

Self confidence.

Ability and Knowledge to get good jobs

Feeling of accomplishment when I held my Diploma

Pure Happiness

Self- Discipline



This can be yours too. I know. Whitmore School changed the way I approach everything in life. I know that I can solve problems because I know how to research. I know that I can find answers on my own. I know that I have the confidence and drive to succeed.

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Written By:
Alina B.
Admissions Assistant and 2009 Graduate

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