6 Benefits of Virtual Schools

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Is Online School Right for Your Child?

If your child is unhappy in school, you may find yourself searching for an alternative education solution. Fortunately, you have many great options, including online education. But, how do you know if online school is right for you?

1. Emotionally and Physically Safe Learning Environment

Going to school can be daunting for many teens. Peer pressure and social drama can be overwhelming.  When teens feel anxious about going to school, the quality of their learning can be compromised. No child should have to deal with bullying, but unfortunately, bullying is prevalent today.

Concerns about Covid continue and many traditional schools are unclear about whether mask mandates are the best solution.

In online school, your child can complete their schoolwork in a learning environment that you control, where students are free from distractions and feel safe. You will see your child regain and build self-confidence and independence. My child actually started smiling again!

2. Personalized Learning

Would your child benefit from a personalized approach to learning? In traditional brick-and-mortar schools, students move through the textbook on a schedule that fits the typical 180-day school year. And, the pace at which students move through the course is determined by the other students in the class. This works well for many, but what if your child is not successful at that pace? This traditional approach to learning can lead to frustration and even failure.

Virtual schools, like Whitmore School, allow your child to work through courses at the pace most comfortable to them! Many students report that the one-to-one attention from their teachers makes them feel part of the learning process, where their opinions are valued.

Watch this documentary, featured on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid, about finding the best fit for your child’s education.
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3. Accelerated Learners

Does your child complain of being bored in school? Do they feel like they are being held back by the pace of the class? Many students feel intimidated to speak out in class for fear of being labeled the class nerd.

Fear not! Your child’s unique talents will be encouraged and celebrated in the student-focused online environment.



“I felt much more comfortable talking to my Whitmore teachers than I did in my old high school. I didn’t have to worry about other students laughing at me. And, my Whitmore teachers helped me see that being smart was OK.” Alina 2009 Whitmore School Graduate.

4. Develop Independence

Virtual schools foster students to take charge of their education. Right from the start, students and parents set their own school schedule. No more bells to tell them what time English class starts.

Students can create a workspace that works for them. For some, it is still a desk with no distractions. For others, it can be the park, a coffee shop, or the local library. Virtual schools give you the flexibility to create your most effective learning space.

5. Flexible Schedule

Most virtual schools allow students the freedom to complete schoolwork on a schedule that fits their busy lives. So, whether your child is an athlete, performing artist, volunteer, or works, school is always open and they can access their courses when they have the time.

Students report that working at their own pace is one of the biggest benefits of online learning. They can breeze through the lessons that come easily to them, and take their time on the subjects that are more challenging.

6. School Choice – Several States Allow Public School Funding to Assist in Paying for Private School

According to edchoice.org, public education funding follows the child to the school that parents choose as the best option for their children. This includes virtual schools, charter schools, homeschools, and public or private schools. Click here to learn if your state has School Choice Funding.

At Whitmore School, we call it School – Anytime – Anyplace! Request information about Whitmore School.

Niche safest school rankingAnd, as an online school, your child will be able to attend school in a physically and emotionally safe learning environment – Your Home with your guidance on safe Internet use. Whitmore School has earned the Safest School ranking from Niche. Read student reviews on Niche.

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Ellen Ray, Principal and parent of Alina, 2009 Graduate

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