5 Online School Myths – Busted!

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Online learning is not a new idea. In fact, Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school was founded in 1994! Today, most states offer public online charter schools, giving parents school choices in the state where they live.  Click here to learn about School-Choice in your state.

In spite of the growth in virtual learning opportunities, there continues to be confusion about virtual learning. Many parents were dissatisfied with the online learning solutions that were mandated during the Covid pandemic. If you are looking for a school solution and are having difficulty wading through all of the misinformation, this guide is for you.

Myth #1. Online schools are not accredited.

Fact: Public online schools are accredited and authorized by their state’s Department of Education or institutions of higher learning. Private online schools may be accredited by Cognia, the most respected accrediting organization in the world.

Accreditation gives you the assurance that the school meets rigorous standards and that graduates are prepared for their aspirations. Click here to search for accredited schools Cognia – Find Accredited Schools.

Myth #2. Online schools are computer-based with no real teacher interaction.

Fact: It is true that some online schools use computer-generated instruction with computer-graded lessons. The advantage is students get immediate grades and accelerated students can move quickly through the course material.

However, if your child needs more teacher interaction, computer- generated instruction is not the best option for you. Fortunately, there are many online schools that offer live instruction or one-to-one teacher interaction.

Myth #3. Online schools are the same as in-person schools, just done at home.

Live Instruction
Public online charter schools must follow all state regulations, including mandatory attendance during a traditional 180-day school year. Teachers offer live instruction, and students are required to log in at specified times of the day to participate.

This allows for no flexibility in your child’s school day. And, if your Internet is not dependable, or you experience technical difficulties logging into school, your child will be marked as absent and miss the live instruction. Parents and students alike became frustrated with the difficulties associated with a rigidly structured school schedule during the Covid pandemic.

One-to-One Teacher Instruction (asynchronous)
Asynchronous teacher-led instruction is a good option for families that need more flexibility in their children’s school schedules. At Whitmore School, students engage with their teachers on every lesson, and move through their courses at the pace most comfortable to their natural learning rate, instead of a pace meant for completion in a 180-day school year.

What does an average day look like?
That’s the thing, there really is no average day!
You create your own schedule. Maybe it looks like this:

9:00 am – Wake up and eat breakfast (Yeah! No more 6:30 am bus rides!)
10:00 am – English lesson
11:00 am – Go to the park
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Social Studies lesson
2:00 pm – Math Lesson
3:00 pm – Walk the dog
4:00 pm – Hang out with friends
5:00 pm – Go for a run
6:00 pm – Dinner with family
7:00 pm – Play a game
8:00 pm – Computer Science Lesson
9:00 pm – Read for fun

Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school, is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Students can “go to school” any time of the day and any day of the week. This affords the most flexibility for families with unusual time commitments. Professional athletes, dancers, and musicians can complete schoolwork around their travel schedule. Full-time RVing families can complete schoolwork when their travels take them to locations with an Internet connection.

Myth #4. Online schools don’t offer opportunities for socializing.

Fact: Typically, the online school day takes less time than in-person school because there is no need to schedule time for students to walk to their next class, or for attendance to be taken in each class. That leaves much more time for social events. One Whitmore School student explains,

“I am more social now because I have time to volunteer, hold a part-time job and participate in sports. And, I get to choose who I socialize with and avoid the typical social drama at my old school.” Matthew S.

Myth #5. Online high schools are only for students who don’t plan on attending college after graduating.

Fact: Accredited online high schools offer rigorous college preparatory courses and issue a high school diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the country.

Whitmore School, accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), offers two diploma tracks designed to prepare students for their personal aspirations after graduating:
College Prep track – for students who plan to attend a 4-year college or university after graduating
General Studies track – for students who plan to attend a community or technical college or join the workforce or military after graduating.

Niche safest school rankingAnd, as an online school, your child will be able to attend school in a physically and emotionally safe learning environment – Your Home. Whitmore School has earned the Safest School ranking from Niche. Read student reviews on Niche.

Want to learn more about Whitmore School? Click here to see the Graduation Requirements. Click here to open the Course Catalog.

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