3 Great Ways to Take Advantage of Online School This Summer

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Most online schools offer the flexibility of “going to school” any time of day. This makes it ideal for students who need to make up lost credit, or students who want to get ahead in their credits toward graduating.

1. Did you struggle this year?

If you have failed any courses, your public school may not advance your grade level until you make up and pass those lost credits. To avoid repeating the year, you may be able to retake the failed courses during the summer. There are many online school choices that give you the flexibility of completing assignments at your own pace, even allowing you to submit work on the weekends. Are you working this summer? No problem. You can find the time to complete your assignments and make up those lost credits by doing your schoolwork around your work schedule.

2. Are you trying to accelerate your graduation?

Online schools might be the perfect option for you, too. Spend this summer tackling elective courses that will put you ahead toward meeting your graduation requirements. Or, take a core course that may be particularly challenging when you have a full course load during the regular school year. Focusing on one course this summer will put you ahead in your credits and make your next school year a little less stressful.

3. Have a scheduling conflict that prevents you from taking a course you need?

Wish you could take Web Design, Stress Management, or Test Prep, but it just won’t fit into your regular school’s schedule? Take it this summer online!

Here are a few things to search for when considering your online school options:

Accredited by a recognized educational accreditor such as Cognia. This gives you the assurance that the courses meet rigorous standards and that your credit will transfer to your regular school. Be sure to confirm with your school that the credit will transfer before enrolling.

No enrollment deadlines, and the flexibility to complete your assignments at your own pace. How long will you have to complete the course? Many schools will give you a full 12 months, so if you need more than the summer months, you can continue to work until you finish.

Will you have a Guidance Counselor if you have questions once you enroll? Having access to a Guidance Counselor helps you connect with a person to ask questions and get tips on being a successful online student. Think of your Guidance Counselor as your personal coach to help you stay motivated throughout the course.

Whitmore School welcomes students who need to make up credit, or want to accelerate their graduation. Students can enroll at any time of year and are given 12 months to finish their course(s). All students have a Guidance Counselor to help them navigate the Learning Management System and ultimately help them reach their goal of completing their course(s).

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Whitmore School, accredited by Cognia, (formerly AdvancED), offers four Diploma Programs for students wishing to enroll full-time to earn their high school diploma. Additionally, students looking to get back on track to graduate on time can enroll in individual courses. Students enroll and begin any time, work at their own pace, and may take up to 12 months to complete their courses.

Written by: Ellen Ray, Principal and parent of Alina, 2009 Whitmore School graduate


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