Student Shout Outs

Lance S. Profile Pic

Lance S. – Science Mentor

Lance has continously been inquisitive and curious about how things work since the day he took his first steps. He thrives to learn every aspect of science or technology. Even…

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Lexie R. Profile Picture

Lexie R. – Accomplished Dancer and Model

When Lexie was only 3 years old, she fell in love with dancing. A close family friend, who is a professional dancer and choreographer, was her role model. His appearances…

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Ava C. Elephant

Ava C. – World Traveler

Ava’s parents have always dreamed of traveling as a family. At a young age, they introduced Ava to international foods with “Spin the Globe” nights, trying foods from local international…

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Devin W Profile Pic

Devin W. – Professional Content Creator

Devin was your typical kid growing up, playing sports and going to school. However, in the 9th Grade, he gave up the constraints of the classroom for online schooling. Thus,…

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Gigi N

Gigi N. – Pastry Chef

When Gigi was 14 years old, she discovered her love of baking. Her inspiration came from watching videos of others making cakes. She started by only baking for friends and…

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Katie W. Profile Picture

Katie W. – National Qualifier

It was love at first sight when a family friend introduced Katie to riding horses at 5 years old. She began riding Western style and competed in 4H, but her…

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Jiro P. NY State Capitol Building

Jiro P. – Skateboarder

Jiro’s love for skateboarding began at the early age of 6 with the TV sitcom, “Zeke and Luther”. Skateboarding takes him all over the USA and internationally. He is top…

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Griffin S. Profile

Griffin S. – Professional Gamer

Griffin, popularly known as “Sceptic” among the video gaming world, is one amazing 18 year old!! He is a professional Fortnite video game player, content creator, and social media influencer….

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Cassie C. Profile

Cassie C. – Tall Ship Sailor

Cassie was bored after the Covid-19 lock down and decided to travel abroad. She began searching the internet for a destination. That destination became Norway! After applying and being accepted,…

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Caleb G. Profile Pic

Caleb G. – Trained Speaker

Caleb recently completed training as a Youth Ambassador for the Tourette Association of America (TAA). He was one of only 60 students across the USA invited to attend the training…

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Delilah H. Sunset Surfing

Delilah H. – Graceful Longboard Surfer

Delilah was first introduced to the ocean as a child by her Mom, an avid surfer. At first, Delilah was hesitant to surf, but soon became just as enamored with…

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Lilah S.

Lilah S. – Solo Backpacker

Lilah decided to take the journey of a lifetime to experience the world! In August 2022, she booked a train ticket from Poland to the Czech Republic. This began her…

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