Graduate Success Stories

Daphne K.

North Plainfield, NJ

Daphne earned the Academic Excellence Award in the Class of 2023. Watch what she says about how Whitmore School helped her achieve this honor.

Delsie D.

Long Valley, NJ

“Whitmore School was more challenging than expected. However, unlike traditional school, I found I wanted to exceed expectations. If I didn’t do fantastic on a lesson, I wanted to go back and learn what I missed the first time, and that increased my knowledge of the subject. The teachers were very responsive and helpful. And, without the time wasted and distractions found at a typical school, I was able to accomplish so much more, in much less time.

I’m graduating early, and should be done with my Associates Degree at the same time as my friends are graduating high school. Whitmore School has been a tremendously positive experience for me.”

Ken K.

Kisii, Kenya

Ken loved attending Whitmore School and his studying was not affected when his family moved, as he had the freedom to complete his school work from different locations. Being able to set his own school schedule, Ken could take time for himself, have time with friends, play basketball, teach guitar, and coach basketball at a children’s home.

“I am very grateful for Whitmore School and the impact it made on my high school life.” – Ken K.

“After graduating from Whitmore, I did a lot of preparation for my SAT because I was hoping to get into a school in the United States, I did apply to different schools in the States but due to Covid-19 and finances, I decided to join United States International Africa, where I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I am proud of my friends, family, and Whitmore for me throughout the journey.” – Ken K.


Joon P.

KyeongSang BukDo Province, Republic of Korea

Compassionate Humanitarian

Joon traveled with his family to Poland in the summer of 2022 where he volunteered to help Ukrainian refugees with Youth With a Mission.

 “I worked in a refugee camp where I was given the gift of bringing joy and comfort to Ukrainian children. It was truly reassuring to see so many different volunteers from all over the world come together and work in unity for those in more unfortunate situations than others. “ Joon P.

Nathan N.

Bay Village, OH

Nathan found the transition to online school was actually quite easy. Being scheduled for three courses at a time allows him to focus and stay motivated. Here is what he has to say:

“So far, online learning seems too good to be true; I struggle with having too much on my plate when it comes to assignments. With online schooling having only 3 courses at a time, I feel much less anxious. I am also more motivated by how the courses work and the whole mastery-based learning idea.”

Ryan C.

Palm Bay, FL

Ryan C. is an outstanding student, earning straight A’s at Whitmore School. He competes with Space Coast Crew and has aspirations to attend the Naval Academy. In 2019 he started a non-profit organization, Funds For Flights, Inc. He makes and sells beautiful custom wooden flags and donates all the proceeds to Space Coast Honor Flight, to support our U. S. Veterans.

Caleb C.

Venango, NE

What makes Caleb so successful at Whitmore School?

  • Excellent time management skills – Caleb consistently submits work 5 days a week.
  • Go for it attitude –  He works with his teachers making revisions to his lessons. This results in earning all A’s at Whitmore!
  • Takes on challenges – Caleb challenges himself by taking honors level courses.
  • Time for fun- He still finds time to have some outdoor fun in the snow!

Way to go Caleb!

Avery R.

Little Rock, AR

2019 Graduate Avery R. was very busy with her passion in visual arts. Whitmore School was a perfect fit for her life because she could juggle her interests outside of school, with her drive to graduate. Our self-paced program meant that Avery could accelerate her academics and graduate early! (We call these students our flyers.) Congratulations to Avery!

Shyanne W.

Fairview, TN

“When I was 13, I was asked to star in a docu-reality series called ‘Road to Nashville’ which follows five musicians as we follow our dreams of becoming professional musicians. In 2016, I decided to enroll in Whitmore School so that I could focus on writing and recording in Nashville and Los Angeles. I have been able to keep my grades up and I will even graduate early.”

Nathan L.

Sammamish, WA

“I am a concert pianist and I travel the world performing. Whitmore School allows me to get my school work done from anywhere. I hope to to graduate early and attend a conservatory of music on the East Coast.”

Tamlage F.

Plano, TX

“I have been cheering since I was 8. I love the sport and travel to competitions. Now I coach as well as compete. At Whitmore, I can get my school work done and still have the time I need for Cheer.”

Lara B.

Fort Mill, SC

“I live in South Carolina and commute to Charlotte NC every morning where I spend all day in  ballet warm-ups, technique classes, and rehearsals. After a long day, I still manage to find time in the evening to work on school work.

Joey H.

Winmington, DE

“I have been playing bass in a band since I was in the 6th grade. My current Band, Rusty Blue came together when I was in the 8th grade and we have been playing together ever since. Whitmore gives me the freedom to work and play.”

Kylie S.

Big Sky, MT

“When I was in the 8th grade, I got mono, and I was always too tired to do anything. My parents and I decided that attending online high school would be the best choice for me. I have always loved music, and going to school at home gave me more time to focus on writing and singing. Now I travel and perform with great musicians. Recently I travels through Europe for 3 weeks! These were the best weeks of my life. An yes, I am able to keep up with her school work too.”


Etanne M.


“I live in Uruguay with my mom. There is a terrible problem with stray dogs in this country. My mom and I run a pet shelter, Responsible Rescue of Uruguay, where we find homes for the puppies. When I am not cleaning pens or playing with the puppies, I am doing my school work. Whitmore is great because I can do school anytime of day.”

Brandy S.

Moro, OR

“Whitmore High School helped me finish high school after I became pregnant at 15 years old. It may have taken me seven years to finish, but I did it! So no matter what the reason you think you can not finish school, trust me you can!”

Josh H.

Southfield, MI

“I graduated from Whitmore School in 2016. Whitmore challenged me to learn and get good grades. It wasn’t always easy, but I was so prepared for college, that I appreciate it now.”

Haley L.

Murfreesboro, TN

Haley, a 2013 Honors Graduate, is majoring in Entrepreneurship Studies in college. She explains why she feels so prepared for college level work.

“I was a C student until Whitmore, and then I got straight A’s. The teachers at Whitmore School act like leaders – not bosses. They made me feel like I was part of the team.”


Chase M.

Cincinnati, OH

“My experiences at Whitmore School have been very positive. I am a grown adult now, but when I was a teen, I was unmotivated and immature. I didn’t like high school. I didn’t even try. My mom helped me research online high schools and thought this would be the best match for me. I don’t test well and this school was based on Mastery, which works better for me. Working at my own pace works well, especially since I have a full-time job.”

Karlee G.

Woodbury, GA

“I have three horses and rodeo on one of them. It is a lot of hard work, but it pays off because I get to ride such an amazing animal. Whitmore School gives me the flexibility and time to do school and work with my horses.”

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