Life of a Whitmore Student – Singer/Songwriter

Pursuing a musical career

Shyanne has grown up in a musical family. Her father is a successful producer, songwriter and bass player in the country music group Lonestar. Following in her father’s footsteps came naturally to her and she released her first single at the age of 10! At 13, she was asked to star in a docu-reality series called “Road to Nashville” where 5 young artists pursue their musical dreams. Whitmore School became an obvious choice for Shyanne so that she would have the time to focus on her musical career. Take a look at her typical day.

Typical Day with School and Studio Time

7 am Wake up

8 am – Squeeze in some school time

9:30 am  – Go to work – Lifeguard at the Rec Center

2:30 pm – Work out – go for a run or lift weights

4:00 pm – More school time

6 pm – 12 – pm Studio time

love my red microphone and gold headphones

relaxed atmosphere

creative vibe

Take Fridays off during football season – go to every Friday night football game to support my brother’s high school team.  Go Fairview Yellowjackets!

I have the time to travel to NY and LA for performances. Nice!


Convenient. Flexible. Interactive.