Admission, Withdraw and Refund


Whitmore School admits students without regard to race, sex, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. Whitmore School retains the right to refuse enrollment or re-enrollment of any student whom the Student Support Team believes will not benefit from, or work well within, the Whitmore School educational system.

A student enrolled in an individual course may transfer to the Whitmore School Diploma Program. If the conversion is made within one month of the individual course enrollment, then the individual course enrollment fee may be used as a credit toward the Diploma Program enrollment fee.

Withdraw and Refund

Students may withdraw at any time with written notice to the Admissions Director. Incomplete coursework is not considered a cancellation or withdrawal of enrollment.

The tuition, less a $145 administrative fee, can be refunded if a student withdraws within 15 days of enrollment.  No reduction or refund of fees is given in the case of student non-performance or lack of course completion.

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