Time is Up – Time to Re-enroll

Enrollment Year

You will have access to your courses for one year (12 months) from the day of enrollment.  Your password will be automatically removed at the end of the Enrollment Year unless you have re-enrolled. Don’t panic. All coursework will be saved in your password-protected Student Desk. Your parents will receive an email well in advance when it is time to re-enroll. You will also see a notice on your Student Desk 2 months ahead of when it is time to re-enroll.

What if you haven’t finished your courses?

If you are re-enrolling, there is no need to do anything. You will continue in your courses right where you left off.

If you are enrolled in the Diploma Program, your tuition pays for you to be scheduled for up to 6.0 credits during each Enrollment Year. If you are enrolled in the Diploma PLUS Program or the Diploma PLUS with College Advisor Program your tuition pays for you to receive additional guidance services, including two additional 0.5 credit academic support courses: 0.5 credit Academic Success, and 0.5 credit Career Readiness or 0.5 credit College Readiness, at no additional tuition.

Any courses that are not completed within the Enrollment Year will roll over to the next year. For example, if your child completed 4.5 credits and is still working on 1.5 credits, the courses in progress will roll over to the next Enrollment Year and your child will be scheduled for up to 4.5 new credits. On average, students complete 5.0 – 6.0 credits per Enrollment Year.

What if you are only a few credits away from graduating, or you just need to complete an individual course?

If you are completing an individual course, or you are senior finishing up your last course(s) to graduate, you may be eligible for an extension. If you have 5 or fewer lessons to complete in your course, you are eligible to apply for a 30-day extension to complete your course. Please contact our Admissions Director if you need to apply for an extension. After confirmation of your eligibility, she will send you a link to make a payment for your extension.

30-Day Extension Fee: $60.00 per course

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