Your Student Desk

Student Desk

Your Student Desk serves many purposes in our school. Your Student Desk is where you will find links for your File Cabinet, Personal Graduation Plan, Announcements, all courses on your Student Desk and links for contacting us for technical help or guidance counseling.

The first time that you log in to school, you will be directed to the New Student Orientation. after you have completed the orientation, when you log in you will go right to your Student Desk. It is very important to log on to your Student Desk daily since this is where you will access your courses each day. Let’s take a look.

Below is an example of a Student Desk.

My Courses In Progress

This is the place you will go to every day.  Here, you will find the list of your current courses with a link to open them. Note – you will be enrolled in 3 courses at a time. This allows you to focus and make academic progress. You need the approval of the Educational Director or Guidance Director to request more than 3 courses at a time. If you feel you can take more than 3 courses at a time, write to your Guidance Counselor through the guidance link on your Student Desk to make your request.

Do you see the word NEW in Spanish 1? That means your teacher has given you feedback on your post and is asking for revisions. In English 9 and Geometry, you are ready to start a new lesson.

My Contacts

Here are links for you to contact your Guidance Counselor and school administrators. Write to them when you have questions or to make a request for documents.

My Message Board

The Message Board has links to read Whitmore Blogs,  Student Shout Outs, and School Announcements, and Whitmore NUA – the student-written school newsletter. Check it out to stay on top of school happenings.

My School Records

Want to see your completed courses and grades, or your school transcript and Grade Point Average? Want to review your personal Personal Graduation Plan? Click here.

About My School

This is where you can review the Student Handbook and School Policies, and review the Courses Catalog when it is time to select a new course.

Parent’s Corner

Yes, your parents have their own links for when they need to communicate with our school. They can email or call school administrators. They also a link to your Progress Reports reviewing your weekly progress. If you are enrolled in the Diploma PLUS Program, they will also be able to review the Monthly Detailed Progress Reports from your Guidance Counselor.

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