Enrollment Year

Your Enrollment Year begins on the day you enroll at Whitmore School and ends on the same day the following year. For example, if you enrolled on March 17, 2023, Your Enrollment Year ends on March 17, 2024. Your Enrollment Year is not tied to a semester schedule like traditional schools. Your tuition pays for one full year (12 months) and allows you to be scheduled for up to 6.0 credits. Diploma PLUS and Diploma PLUS with College Advisor students are allowed two additional 0.5 credit academic support courses: 0.5 credit Academic Success, and 0.5 credit Career Readiness or 0.5 credit College Readiness, at no additional tuition.


If you have not completed your courses and/or graduation requirements at the end of your Enrollment Year, you will simply re-enroll, and continue in your courses right where you left off. Credits that have not been completed during an Enrollment Year, will roll over upon re-enrollment and be counted toward the 6.0 credits of the next Enrollment Year.

Diploma Program re-enrollment notices can be found on your Student Desk two months prior to your re-enrollment date. This is a reminder with a link to the re-enrollment form for your parents to complete. A re-enrollment reminder will be emailed to your parents as well.

To make sure there is no interruption in access to your schoolwork, you should complete your re-enrollment form and tuition payment at least two weeks prior to the end of your current enrollment year.

If your access has been suspended due to lack of payment, all of your coursework will be saved in your password-protected school file cabinet. When payment is received, your password will be reinstated.

Early Re-enrollment

If you have completed your 6.0 credits prior to the end of your Enrollment Year, you may re-enroll early. This allows you to schedule up to 6 new credits to begin. Many students are able to accelerate their graduation in this manner.

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