Internet Safety and Netiquette

Internet Safety and Netiquette

At Whitmore School, you communicate with your teachers, guidance counselor, and administrators through your Student Desk. No communication happens via personal e-mail or other outside avenues. There is 100% transparency in the communication between you and Whitmore School, including detailed logs of phone calls to our office. Your parents can log in and see everything you have written to your teachers and everything that your teachers and others at Whitmore School have said to you.

The Principal and other school administrators can also monitor your interactions within the school and your course work. We regularly check in on our students to make sure you are having a good learning experience. At Whitmore School, your words represent you, so remember to present yourself well, use good grammar, and be polite at all times. Everything is on your ‘permanent record’, and down the road, you may need us to give you a good recommendation for college or a job.

None of your information will be given or shared to anybody outside of Whitmore School faculty and staff and your parents without your permission.* Your information is private and password protected. Not even other Whitmore School students will be able to contact you. You are safe at Whitmore School.

It is up to you to stay safe when you leave the Whitmore School server. The World Wide Web is full of all sorts of people, including people who have no idea what they are talking about, false information, and who have malicious intent. At Whitmore School, you are expected to navigate this World Wide Web to find valid information to complete your assignments. You will grow increasingly research-savvy with practice, but we want you to start out with enough know-how to stay safe. Click on this Internet Safety Tutorial, read through the material, and test your knowledge by taking the quiz at the end:

*with the exception of minimal information (such as your first and last name) that is needed to register you with certain third party curriculum vendors (for example, the iReady program in Test Prep class)

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