Graduation Requirements

Students wishing to graduate from Whitmore School enroll in one of our Diploma Programs


  • Diploma
  • Diploma PLUS
  • Diploma PLUS with College Advisor
  • Adult Education



Students planning to attend a 4-year college graduate from the College Prep track and earn a total of 22 credits including the following:

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 3.0 credits Social Studies
  • 3.0 credits Science
  • 3.0 credits Math
  • 0.5 credits PE
  • 1.0 credit Fitness or Health
  • 1.0 credit Fine Arts
  • 2.0 credits World Languages
  • 4.5 credits Electives

Total 22 credits

Students planning to attend a community or technical college, or enter the military or workforce, may choose to graduate from the General Studies track and earn a total of 18 credits including the following:

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 2.0 credits Social Studies
  • 2.0 credits Science
  • 2.0 credits Math
  • 0.5 credit PE
  • 1.0 credit Fitness or Health
  • 0.5 credit Fine Arts
  • 6.0 credits Electives

Total 18 credits

Transfer Credits

Students who have transferred to Whitmore School and who have earned high school credits from an accredited high school, can transfer those credits toward their graduation requirements. Your Guidance Counselor will review your Official Transcript from your former school(s) and let you know the credits that have transferred. Here is a link to our Transfer Credit Policy.

Students pursuing a diploma from Whitmore School, who transfer from an accredited or public school, must complete at least 4.5 credits at Whitmore School. These credits must include 2 core* courses from 2 different subject areas. (*core subjects are English, math, science, and social studies)

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