Discipline Policies

Discipline Policies

Whitmore School provides an alternative learning environment in which all students may achieve academic success. The school will not tolerate any actions from students, parents or visitors that interfere with the educational services of the school, or jeopardize the health, safety or well-being of any member of the school community.

Disciplinary Measures

Students may be suspended or expelled for offenses including cheating, plagiarism, harassment, and disrespectful behavior towards students or teachers. In suspension or expulsion, a student’s access to their online account is removed temporarily or permanently, respectively.

  • After the first offense, the student will be blocked from re-entering their course until they have completed a Skills and Principles lesson. The Skills and Principles lesson is intended to build skills that will help the student in avoiding future infractions.
  • After the second offense, the student will need to complete an additional Skills and Principles lesson.
  • After the third offense, the student may be suspended from the school for up to one month. If the student is suspended, the Guidance Counselor will explain the suspension in a phone call to the student and/or parent.
  • After the fourth offense, the student may be permanently expelled from the school. If the student is expelled, the Guidance Counselor will explain the expulsion in a phone call to the student and/or parent.
  • If there is suspicion or evidence of cheating,  Whitmore School has the right to require the student to pass a proctored exam to obtain a final grade for the particular course.

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