Communicating with Whitmore School

You and Your Teachers

Close communication between you and your teachers ensures that your needs are heard and addressed. At the same time, Whitmore School expects that you will direct your own education, monitor your own progress and provide constructive feedback for improving the Whitmore School system.

You should be in constant contact with your teachers throughout your coursework. Your communications with your teachers are asynchronous, and therefore, direct voice conversations or IM communications are not practical. Your teachers will respond to your posts within 24 to 48 hours. If you are having difficulty with the learning content of course materials, you are encouraged to write to your teacher and ask for more explanation. There is no time limit on the lessons, so you are guaranteed that you can work with your teachers until you have mastered the lesson content.

Even though you will work independently on your coursework, you are not working in seclusion.  We value students actively communicating with teachers throughout their work, because we understand that students learn best through interaction.

You and Office Staff and Administration

Parents and students can call and speak with Whitmore School office staff and administrators during regular business hours Monday through Friday (9-4:30 eastern time).

Our toll-free phone number is 1-844-409-0521.  If you are not able to reach them by phone you can write to them through the link on your Student Desk.

Our experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions.

You and Your Guidance Counselor

Strong student support is paired with expectations of student responsibility. In addition to the everyday interaction with the teachers, you are encouraged to be in contact with your Guidance Counselor directly by using the link on your Student Desk. All Guidance Counselors respond to students within 24 – 48 hours.

All Diploma Program students have an assigned Guidance Counselor. Your parents will receive a Weekly Summary Progress Report that shows your completed work and work in progress in each course.  Parents can also monitor your work by logging in.

Students enrolled in the Diploma PLUS Program or the Diploma PLUS with College Advisor Program receive additional Guidance services. In addition to Weekly Summary Progress Reports, your parents receive a Detailed Monthly Progress Report that highlights your work submissions, completed lessons, and the Guidance Counselor’s notes. Plus, parents and students may phone their Guidance Counselor with questions or concerns.

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