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 Bound for College

Whether you plan to attend a four-year college, or a community or technical college, you will need to research the admission requirements of the colleges to which they are applying. For example, to graduate from Whitmore School from the College Prep diploma track, you are required to complete 3.0 science credits with 2.0 credits being lab sciences. However, the college you are interested in attending may require 4 years of science with 3.0 credits being lab sciences.  Students are advised to do adequate research to give them the best advantage possible for college admission.

Selecting a college! The first thing that needs to be done is research, research, and more

Whitmore School College Prep graduation requirements:

4.0 credits of English
3.0 credits of Social Studies (0.5 credit World Geography, 0.5 credit US Government, 1.0 credit US History, 1.0 credit other Social Studies)
3.0 credits of Science (1.0 credit Natural Science, 1.0 credit Physical Science, 1.0 additional credit Science)
3.0 credits of Math (2.0 credits above Algebra 1)
0.5 credit of PE
1.0 credit of Fitness or Health
2.0 credits of World Languages
1.0 credit of Fine Arts
4.5 credits of other courses

Community College after High School

Community colleges allow students the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects before committing to a specific course of study.  Students who are interested in attending a community college should take some time and visit the community colleges in their area.  Community colleges accept students who have graduated from our General Studies track diploma; however, you should research your community college’s specific admission requirements.

Whitmore School General Studies graduation requirements:

4.0 credits of English
2.0 credits of Social Studies (0.5 credit World Geography, 0.5 credit US Government, 1.0 credit World or US History)
2.0 credits of Science
2.0 credits of Math
0.5 credit of PE
0.5 credit of Fine Arts
1.0 credit of Fitness or Health
6.0 credits of other courses

It is a good idea to call and make an appointment with an Admission Counselor at the community college to go over their requirements. They will be able to answer your questions.

Dual Enrollment – Community College Courses Now!

Most community colleges allow students who are in good standing at their high school to take some community college courses in their Junior or Senior year. We encourage students to explore this option at their local community college.  For many students, it affords them social interaction while giving them insight and preparation for college. Taking approved college courses will give you a head start on your degree, and the college credits will transfer to Whitmore School toward your graduation requirements. Dual Credit – a great decision!

Students who wish to take community college courses should discuss this with their guidance counselor. Whitmore School will accept community college credits toward their graduation requirements upon receiving an official transcript from the community college after the course has been completed.  Students will also need to obtain permission from our Whitmore School Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, who will approve courses and sign all necessary forms requested by the community college. Community college admission forms should be mailed or faxed to Whitmore School.

A community college course which is 3.0 or 4.0 credits will transfer as a 1.0 credit course to Whitmore School.  A community college course which is 1.0 or 2.0 credits will transfer as a .25 or .50 credit course. Questions about credits and transferring credits should be directed to our Transcript Coordinator via the link on your Student Desk.

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