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About Mastery Learning

Whitmore School’s courses are mastery-based, rather than time-based or test-based. This is a good thing. It means that you will keep working on a lesson until you really understand it. You won’t be pushed ahead before you are ready, and you won’t be held back by the pace of others in the class. We set the bar high – you won’t “just pass the course,” and earn credit for a “D” level of understanding.  Instead, staying with a lesson until you master it allows you to work academically at the “A” or “B” level. Getting great grades is motivating, and you will feel the satisfaction of achievement through perseverance. Mastery learning allows you to perform at your highest level and guarantees a solid foundation for more advanced courses.

Our online system is designed to focus on students’ strengths and achievements, rather than their limitations and failures. For example, our individually-paced system eliminates the “need for speed” present in a standard classroom, and allows you to learn at your own natural rate. You may begin a new course at any time during the calendar year, and progress at the pace that you find most comfortable. As long as you eventually master the course work, you will be awarded credit for the course. Instead of having to keep up with other students in the class, Whitmore School students can learn as slowly or as rapidly as their personal learning style dictates.

Whitmore school courses are self-paced. However, there are 2 limitations to this:

  • No student is permitted to finish a course in less than 30 days from the time he or she submits the first lesson in that course. This is due to our accreditation requirements.
  • After 1 year from the time of enrollment, your username and password will expire. If your course work is unfinished and you have not yet received a grade for the course, you will need to re-enroll and continue to complete any unfinished course(s). No worries – your course work will roll over to your next enrollment year and you will continue in your courses right where you left off.
  • You may be eligible to purchase a 30-day extension. Please see the information in the “Time is up-Need An Extension” chapter of the handbook.

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