Student Handbook

2023 grads
Theresa C. Daphne K. Caleb L. Matt L.                            Alex S.                                                                 Derwin & Class of 2023

Welcome to Whitmore School! Here, you are in charge of your own education. We call it:

“School. Anytime. Anyplace.”

Our Mission Statement

Whitmore School seeks to provide a supportive, challenging, and alternate learning environment. Students are encouraged to be in charge of their education, giving them the opportunity to develop creativity, independence, responsibility, time management and critical thinking skills. We emphasize mastery of all academic courses, allowing students to view themselves as capable of achieving their educational goals.


At Whitmore School, you are in charge of your education. You are responsible for setting your own schedule, completing all requirements for each course, and keeping track of the credits needed to graduate. You can also work any day, at any time, from any location where you have Internet access. All courses are supported by one-on-one student-teacher interaction for all lessons. As a consequence, each course is essentially a teacher-led individualized tutorial. By the nature of our system, each student receives the level of attention they require. No student gets pushed ahead before they are ready nor do they get held back by the pace of other students in the course.


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