Student Shout Outs

Student Creates Positive Competition at Work

Zachary W. works as a picker /packer at a distribution center in Texas.  The company had a status board to motivate others to try and get to the top of list. Zach saw this as an opportunity to be the best at his job.

Overtime he got more experienced over the days and weeks, he increasingly got faster at picking items into his cart. Zach was determined to become the best employee at his job and wanted to be in 1st place for the busiest month of the year.

As he saw his name get higher and higher on the list, he became more efficient and motivated. Eventually, he was at the top of the list in first place. Everyone looked at the screen and wanted to try and match Zach’s speed.

His co-workers skills and speed developed and they became more motivated as they saw themselves get higher on the list. Although they did get close, Zach was undefeated. He created a fun competitive work environment , he was looked up to as a leader.

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