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Serena R. – Attends Ballet Competition in Sochi, Russia

Serena R. recently attended a ballet competition in Sochi, Russia. While this video is from the stage rehearsal the day before the competition, the preparation process had been ongoing for months. Serena Stage Rehearsal.

Serena explains,

“The goal in participating in international ballet competitions is to gain exposure, experience in high pressure situations, and time onstage. To prepare for this, I take class in ballet technique, variations, character, and contemporary with my coach, working individually and in a group setting. This competition was particularly challenging due to the unpredictable rehearsal schedule and the language barrier. We had class starting at 9 every day and rehearsals that lasted as late as 11:30 pm. I had to adapt my typical routine so that I could rest during whatever breaks I could get and then warm up efficiently for rehearsal. This experience reflects what professional dancers face during a heavy performance season, so it was great preparation for the career I hope to have as a professional ballet dancer.”

Serena spends most of her time training in ballet. However, she also cross-trains by doing pilates and Gyrotonics to prevent injuries. While maintaining this rigorous ballet training schedule, Serena manages to earn straight A’s in her honors courses at Whitmore School!

Bravo Serena!

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