Public and Private School Partners

Public and Private School Partners 

Whitmore School has partnered with public and private high schools around the country, and Learning Centers outside the USA to improve student achievement. Accelerated students can enrich their learning with online courses, and students who need remediation can get back on track for graduating. Whitmore School can provide a blended learning program customized for your students’ needs, or provide individual courses for students wanting to earn additional credits or make up credits. Here are just a few of our school partnerships:

American School Phuket

At American School Phuket, we aim to provide the highest quality of education to each of our students through the guidance of our teachers/coaches. Our teachers utilize cutting edge teaching methods to implement Whitmore School, the best American High School Program available. We combine this with 21st-century technology to enhance learning and achievement.

Our students are immersed in a safe, peaceful, and positive learning environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Our mission is to make our students not only excel academically, but also to become positive members of the community. We instill knowledge and social responsibility so they may independently make good future choices.


Aurora Training Center, Ajman, UAE

Aurora Training Center we are committed to providing an innovative, supportive alternate learning environment. We provide students with a self-paced environment for students to individually master areas of difficulty. Aurora Training Center has partnered with Whitmore School to prepare students for college.

Ayeyarwaddy International School, Mandalay, Myanmar

Ayeyarwaddy International School offers a curriculum based on the American system of education, which prepares students for universities in the USA. Students become fluent in English. Ayerarwaddy has partnered with Whitmore School to provide students with a self-paced mastery-based online learning experience.

North American School / Whitmore School dual Diploma PLUS Program, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Students in the dual Diploma Program will earn a high school diploma from the North American School and concurrently from Whitmore School, making them well qualified to attend colleges and universities around the world.

Garden City High School, Garden City, MI

Garden City High School has partnered with Whitmore School to offer courses year-round to augment their curriculum. Students enjoy the freedom to work on their own time frame while earning credits towards their graduation requirements. School Counselors like the ability to solve difficult scheduling conflicts.

Impulse Education, Rabat, Morocco

Impulse Education is an educational center in Rabat Morocco, providing academic support, tutoring and advising to students in the American and British school systems. They have partnered with Whitmore School to  offer their students the opportunity to earn a US high school diploma with a goal of gaining admission to US colleges and universities.


Rosemont Academy, Miami, FL

Rosemont Academy is thrilled to partner with Whitmore School in offering our students a fully accredited high school diploma program.  Whitmore School’s outstanding curriculum, coupled with its mastery learning philosophy, will prepare their students for entrance into universities and colleges throughout the country.

SC Whitmore School, Columbia, SC

SC Whitmore School, a public online charter high school utilizes the Whitmore School curriculum to provide a free public school education in South Carolina. Hundreds of students, who may not otherwise have finished school, have graduated and gone on to college, careers and the military.



“CompuHigh / Whitmore School has been a great resource for our students. The process of getting students registered for courses has been seamless. I appreciate the weekly progress reports from CompuHigh because it helps us keep track our student progress. If we see a student falling behind, we are able to contact them pretty quickly and help keep them motivated.”

Ebone’ Adams, Ed.S
Assistant Principal, SC Whitmore School

Tantasqua Regional High School, Fiskdale, MA

School Counselors count on Whitmore School to help students make up missed credits in order to stay on track for graduation. Students can enroll any time of year and complete their courses on their own time-frame.

Virginia Multidivision Online Provider, VA

CompuHigh / Whitmore School has been approved by the Virginia Board of Education as a provider of online courses to students who reside in Virginia and are enrolled in grades 9-12.  As an approved online provider, students may take an online course not offered at their local school to enrich their course schedule, or take a course to make-up lost credits. A full array of courses are available to Virginia students.

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