Curriculum Support Affiliates

Students enrolled in Whitmore School can take advantage of additional outside curriculum resources to augment and support their specific learning needs. Through our affiliations, we are able to offer substantial savings over the price offered to the public.



Everydae believes that small daily practice is more effective than cramming. We think they are right, and that is why we have an affiliation with them to offer comprehensive SAT Prep to help students boost their SAT scores. With fun challenges completed on a phone, tablet or computer in as little as 10 minutes a day, students retain more; resulting in an average increase in total SAT score of 200 points! Plus, it’s fun! The challenges are more like a game than rote memorization. Teens will actually do this!

And, the best news is that Everydae has support challenges for other core courses as well. Complete these challenges will support your learning in your Whitmore School Biology, US History, Algebra 1, and Chemistry courses.

The fee to add Everydae curriculum support and SAT prep through the Whitmore School affiliation is substantially discounted at $199 and gives you access for up to 4 years of support. (the public price is $299 per year)

Watch this video to learn more about Everydae 


Whitmore School has joined with YUP, a Stanford University based tutoring company to help students succeed in math.  No appointments are necessary. Students send an image of their math problem with their smartphone and are connected to a personal tutor within minutes. 97.98% student satisfaction. Plus, the average wait time to get with a tutor is about a minute – Instant help!

The cost to add YUP through the Whitmore School affiliation is $400 per year. (normally $900 per year)

Watch this video to learn more about YUP.

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