Online vs. Traditional High School – Which is Best for My Child?

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If you are a parent, you probably grew up going to a traditional school. You probably remember getting up early to catch the bus to your local school, sitting in classrooms with the desks lined up in neat rows, and listening to the teacher as she wrote notes on the board.

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There were late bells, and dress codes and every student was expected to learn the material and take a test at the end of the chapter. Surprisingly, the traditional school has not changed much since you were a kid.

But, is it right for your child?

Many parents are asking this question, and looking for educational options.

Would your child benefit from

  • an individualized learning plan
  • a flexible day-to-day school schedule
  • access to school any time of day
  • the ability to “go to school” from anywhere there is access to the Internet
  • more time for sports, art, a part-time job, travel, hobbies, volunteering in your community, family time
  • no teen social drama

Then online school might be the right choice for your child. When my daughter entered the 9th grade, she began to feel uncomfortable at her traditional school. The social drama made her anxious, sullen and moody. I began hearing, “I have a headache” or “I have a stomachache” as excuses for why she couldn’t go to school. Then I found Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school. I knew going to school from home would reduce the stress and peer pressure she was feeling.

Flexible Scheduling

Traditional high schools have set daily schedules regulated by a series of bells. Online schools allow you to decide the best time for learning. So, if your child is not a morning person, it might not be the best idea to work on math at 7:53 am. You will have the flexibility to try out and modify a school schedule when your child is the most focused. Perhaps math will best be done at 10:00 am. The good news is that in an online school, you decide.

The Importance of Sleep

An important advantage of virtual school is that you decide what time school starts each day. Who says you have to start school at 7:49 am? According to Sleep Advisor, in the article “Sleep & the School Bells: Helping your Kids Cope with Eary Start Times”, school-age children need between 9 – 12 hours of sleep a night.  And, consistently getting 8 hours of sleep a night results in fewer auto accidents, better test scores, and improved moods. In virtual school, you can set the start of your child’s school day that will ensure they get enough sleep every night!


Does your family travel? Online school can go with you! Yes, schoolwork can be completed any time of day from the car, hotel, boat, hammock… you get the idea. As long as you have Internet access, school is open. Marc and Tricia Leach of Keep Your Daydream, have been successfully Roadschooling for years. In this video, KYD discusses how to choose the right educational option for your child’s unique learning style. Top 10 Questions about Homeschool[/embedyt]

Typically, traditional high schools schedule students for courses according to the student’s grade level. Teachers are required to cover course material at a pace determined by the school district.  Unfortunately, this can result in a group of students who are unchallenged and become bored, and a group of students who feel pushed ahead before they are ready to learn new concepts. With a class of 24 – 30 students, there is little room for individualized instruction.

In many online schools, personalized learning starts with a personal graduation plan developed with you and your child’s guidance counselor. At Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school, students begin with an online orientation designed to help students transition to the online learning environment. Students enrolled in the Diploma PLUS Program communicate one-to-one with their guidance counselor virtually and by phone. They can discuss strategies for staying organized and motivated. Guidance counselors also teach College Readiness and Career Readiness courses to help your child prepare for life post-graduation.

Emotionally and Physically Safe Learning Environment

Many parents are concerned about bullying and peer pressure. I know I  was. In online school, you can ensure that your child has a learning environment where they feel safe – your own home. An added benefit is that your child won’t be distracted by teen drama, and will be able to focus on his or her courses. Most students find that online school takes less time than a traditional school. Consequently, there is less wasted time getting to and from school, walking between classes and going to lunch. Yeah! As a result, your child has more time for family activities, sports, clubs, performing arts, and volunteering. And, you have more say in your child’s social life.

teen boy leaping across rock cliffs at sunsetIt took a few months to see my teen smile again, but once she transitioned to online learning, she thrived. We are glad we made the leap. Click here if you would like to learn why students and parents love Whitmore School.


Whitmore School, accredited by Cognia, (formerly AdvancED), offers four Diploma Programs for students wishing to enroll full-time to earn their high school diploma. Additionally, students looking to get back on track to graduate on time can enroll in individual courses. Students enroll and begin any time, work at their own pace, and may take up to 12 months to complete their courses.

Whitmore School has hundreds of verified positive reviews from parents and students. 

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Written by:
Ellen Ray
Principal and parent of Alina, 2009 Whitmore School graduate


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