What You Will See When You Log In

When you log in to your Parent Desk, you will have links to contact the school, and links to view all of your child’s courses. You can read all interactions between your child and each of his or her teachers. You can see all of the course content and assignments for the course. This will allow you and your child to preview future assignments and plan ahead. Click around. Don’t be shy. You won’t ruin anything.

Below is an example of the Parent Desk for Brilliant Student (fictitious student). The Parent’s Contacts section has links to contact the school. All of the other sections are links for you to monitor your child’s school work and progress. Each section is reviewed in detail in your Parent Orientation, so you can always refer back to it if you need a quick refresher.

Parent Desk

Once your child has completed the New Student Orientation, then they can log in and will automatically open their Student Desk. Below is an example of Brilliant’s Student Desk. **Notice that Brilliant has been scheduled for three courses. This is the normal workload for Whitmore students.

Student Desk

My Courses – In Progress

This is the place your child will go to every day from their Student Desk.  Here, they will find the list of their current courses with a link to open them. Do you see the word NEW after all three courses (English 1, Probability and Statistics, and Anatomy and Physiology)? That means their teachers have replied to your child’s posts and are asking for revisions or a response from your child. If you do not see the word “NEW” after the course name, this means your child is ready to work on a new lesson in that course. Encourage your child to work in each course 4-5 days per week. This will result in progress and a feeling of accomplishment.

My Courses – Upcoming

In this section on your child’s Student Desk, you will find courses that your child and their guidance counselor have selected to replace finished courses. They are courses needed to meet his or her graduation requirements.

My Contacts

This section of your child’s Student Desk has links for your child to contact school administrators with questions or to make a request for documents. Your child will be in regular communication with their Guidance Counselor regarding course selection and working toward graduation.

My Message Board

This section of your child’s Student Desk has links to read Whitmore Blogs,  Student Shout Outs, School Announcements and Whitmore NAU (the student-written school newsletter). You are welcome to check it out, too!

My School Records

Want to see your child’s completed courses and grades? Want to review your child’s Personal Graduation Plan or Unofficial Transcript? Go here. This section is where your child will find it on their Student Desk. You also have this information on your Parent Desk in “School Records”. If your child transferred from another high school, the transcript from their prior school(s) can be viewed in “Other Documents”.

About My School

This section on your child’s Student Desk is where you can review the Student Handbook and School Policies. This is also where your child can find and review the Course Catalog when it is time to select a new course. You also have this section available on your Parent Desk, which also includes the Parent Handbook.

College Corner

If you have ordered this option for your child, this section will appear on your child’s Student Desk. It will have announcements from the college advisor. It also contains additional links for everything your child needs to know about College Applications.

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