Progress Reports

Another Cool Tool For Parents!

Parents receive a Weekly Summary Progress Report that outlines the completed lessons and lessons in progress that your child has submitted during the week. You will receive the Weekly Summary Progress Report via the email you provided when you enrolled your child. You can also access every report by logging in to your child’s Student Desk and clicking on the link “Progress Reports”, in the School Records section.

If your child is enrolled in the Diploma PLUS Program or the Diploma PLUS with College Advisor Program, you will also receive the Monthly Detailed Progress Report from your child’s Guidance Counselor. Here, your child’s counselor will detail your child’s progress in each course and outline strategies to help your child move forward toward completing the course.

Let’s take a look at an example of a Weekly Summary Progress Report below:

The Weekly Summary Progress Report shown above tells us that Sarah (a fictitious student) is making good progress and working in all of her courses. A good rule of thumb is that students should try to complete 1-2 lessons in each course per week. Sarah is doing a great job. From this report, you can see that Sarah completed 3 lessons in Honors Algebra 2 with excellent grades. In Honors English 11, she completed 1 lesson with the top grade of 10, and also completed two lessons in Honors American Government each with another grade of a perfect 10! Way to go, Sarah!

At a glance, you can see the Progress Bar for each course, which shows how far along she is to course completion. You also see how many times your child posted during the week. This is a great tool to see if your child is engaged in their courses, and making the revisions that the teacher has requested.

Here is the Best Part!

You are in the know! Instead of coming home from work and asking your child if they did their school work that day, (which may not get you an accurate answer), you can come home and say, “Let’s go out for pizza! I just got your great Progress Report, and I see that you are working on all of your courses and earning wonderful grades! I am so proud of you!” We have found that when parents let their children take charge of their education, but stay involved and aware, students will succeed and excel. This is a great opportunity for your child to grow and mature academically.

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