Congratulations! You Made It!

Your child has worked hard to complete their Personal Graduation Plan by completing all of the graduation requirements.  Your child will see a notice at the top of their Student Desk when they are close to completing their graduation requirements. Remember when we said that your child will take charge of their education at Whitmore School? Here are the steps they will take to make their graduation official.

  1. Your child will need to complete their Graduation Application and submit it at least three months prior to their Graduation month.
  2. Your child will make sure all CRFs are submitted for all courses in order to receive credit on their transcript for the courses.
  3. Your child will check their Personal Graduation Plan to make sure all of their course credits have been completed.
  4. Your child will write to the Transcript Coordinator after all graduation requirements are completed to request to have their official transcript mailed to up to 3 colleges or to your home address.
  5. Your child will need to complete and submit their Graduation Feedback Form.

Please keep an eye out on your Parent Desk for a notification that your child is getting close to completing their graduation requirements. Each year in the spring, Whitmore School holds a Graduation Ceremony (by invitation only for students who meet graduation criteria) and we want to see you there. Here are the steps you will take:

  1. When your child is close to completing their graduation requirements, you will be emailed a Graduation Ceremony Invitation to attend your child’s graduation. Please RSVP to the invitation in order to receive vital information about the ceremony location, time, attire, etc. In order to get an accurate number of those attending the ceremony, please let us know you will be attending and how many guests will be coming with you.
  2. We will send you all the information you need to purchase your cap and gown.
  3. If you are attending the Graduation Ceremony, please send us 4-6 pictures of your child throughout their school-age years for our Graduation Slide Show.

We can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Your child’s Graduation Packet will be mailed to you when your child has completed their graduation requirements. These packets contain your student’s Diploma, 1 Official Transcript for them to give to colleges, work, etc., plus 1 Unofficial Transcript for your records. If you are attending the Graduation Ceremony, please leave these documents in the safety of your home. We will present a diploma cover to your child during graduation for photo opportunities.

Students may request to have up to 3 transcripts sent to colleges and universities that they are applying to. Additional transcript requests will be charged a fee of $10 each. Transcripts being requested to ship outside the USA may incur additional fees for shipping and an Apostille that verifies the educational documents.

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