Asking Questions

When YOU Have Questions or Concerns

Online learning is new to most families so we expect that you will have questions. We are happy to walk you through our systems and are eager to address your concerns.

Call:  You can call our office during business hours 9-5 eastern time. Our number is 1-844-409-0521. Please be prepared to verify your relationship to the student when asking questions that are specific to your child by confirming information we have on record such as date of birth or phone number.

If you are in the Diploma PLUS Program or the Diploma PLUS with College Advisor Program, you have been provided with a direct phone number to contact your student’s Guidance Counselor. We will help you out as best we can and get back to you promptly if we are unable to address your question or concern immediately. We also will make log notes to summarize our phone call with you. These notes will be visible to all administrative personnel.  This is so we can all be “on the same page” with the information we are exchanging. We don’t want to send you mixed messages about anything. If there is information from your phone call with us that you want to remain discreet, please let us know.

Write:  You can also write to administration or guidance through the Parent’s Contact links on your Parent Desk. We will address your question within 24 – 48 hours, and there will be a record of it saved for you to refer back to.

Parent Contacts

What if You Have a Question About the Assignment, the Teacher Feedback, etc.

Whitmore School teachers love to get questions from your child because each question represents a valuable ‘teachable moment’.  Whitmore teachers have a great deal of passion for the mastery learning process, but that doesn’t mean everything they say will make sense to your child immediately. It takes time to acclimate to this new way of learning.   

Keep your child engaged with their teachers and with their process of learning by helping them to ask questions of their teachers. When your child gets frustrated (‘when’ not ‘if’ – it will happen) and you feel the urge to intercede…don’t.  At least not at first. Instead, guide your child in a process of honing in on what exactly they don’t understand and articulating a question to their teacher.

Please, do not write directly to one of your student’s teachers in their classes. That space is reserved for the student alone.

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