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Lilah S. – Solo Backpacker

Lilah decided to take the journey of a lifetime to experience the world! In August 2022, she booked a train ticket from Poland to the Czech Republic. This began her 18-day Interrail trip around Europe.

Lilah S. Travel DistanceLilah S. Travel Map

As part of the DiscoverEU Project, Lilah was able to gain learning experiences and build friendships along the way. She braved the trip alone as a solo backpacker! Lilah took extra precautions to stay safe by developing a time frame for contacting her parents each night, scheduling to meet up with fellow travelers, and meeting up in different parts of Europe with friends. Lilah was not afraid to approach strangers and make new friends. She saw two siblings struggling to scan their bus tickets, so she helped them and soon they became Instagram friends.

Lilah had an extremely tight budget, but that didn’t keep her from enjoying the cities to their fullest. She visited free museums and art galleries, as well as attended free guided tours, enabling her to see paintings that only previously existed in her dreams and in textbooks. Lilah was able to gain experiences that ignited her passions and inspired her to evaluate global issues. This “Rite of Passage” even gave Lilah the opportunity to start writing a book! We are so glad Lilah was able to take this adventure, while still pursuing her education at Whitmore!

Lilah S. on a Dock Lilah S. on the Train Lilah S. CIty Street Lila S. Cobblestone at Night Lilah S. Nature Path




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