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Lexie R. – Accomplished Dancer and Model

When Lexie was only 3 years old, she fell in love with dancing. A close family friend, who is a professional dancer and choreographer, was her role model. His appearances on the TV shows, “World of Dance” and “Live to Dance”, only fueled the fire in her soul to dance. Later, he opened a dance studio, and Lexie began her journey as a dancer under his direction. As her mentor, he helped Lexie grow and develop into the exceptional dancer she is today.

Lexie competitively dances and has won numerous top awards. She recently returned from a national competition, winning 1st place in the duo with her dance partner.  In the studio production of “Legally Blonde”, she was the lead as Elle Woods. She helped the team earn 1st place and the victory cup!

Lexie R. Dance Group Lexie R. Dancing 2


Not only is Lexie a talented dancer, but she is also a model who has been featured in magazines and photo shoots.

Lexie R. Model GroupLexie R. Athletic Group

Lexie R. SunglassesLexie R. Selin











How does Lexie find the time for dancing, modeling, family and friends? Whitmore School makes that possible! Lexie is determined in all aspects of her life, including school. She has earned all A’s at Whitmore School.

Lexie’s mom states, “Whitmore allowed her the flexibility she needed to train, compete, model, and dance.  She found that if she focused on one or maybe two classes at a time, she could take the days she did not have any obligations and complete several assignments.  There were times where she would not work on schoolwork at all for weeks at a time to keep up with her other obligations.  Then when she had breaks, she could focus on her classes…She would never been able to accomplish what she has if she had taken a traditional path for high school.”


After graduation, Lexie will attend the Theater Arts Preparatory School with the hope of dancing professionally. With her exceptional transcript from Whitmore, she also has the option to attend a university to attain a Bachelor’s degree, as well.

Lexie R. Dancing 1

Lexie’s motto: “If you compete with yourself,
you always win by becoming better”.

Fantastic motto, Lexie!




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