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Lance S. – Science Mentor

Lance has continously been inquisitive and curious about how things work since the day he took his first steps. He thrives to learn every aspect of science or technology. Even as a young child, he was noted for being mechanically inclined, and would take apart broken items to see the intricate components inside. He has always loved museums, voraciously absorbing the vast information found there. His family has traveled to over 30 states. They have supported his love of science by visiting numerous museums along the way, including the Smithsonian National Museum.

Lance is described as “an independent self-learner, which propels him forward in his education both in school and life outside of school.”

The strong character Lance easily possesses is built on staying focused and being dedicated. His typical day begins by allotting time specifically for schoolwork. He diligently works on his lessons from 9:00 AM until about 2:30 PM. Once he has completed his studies for the day, you can find him enjoying his favorite hobbies. Two of those are 3D modeling and 3D printing. A few of his amazing creations are featured below:

Lance S. 3D Model Lance S 3D Print

He is the unique blend of both the left and the right brain with his logical thinking and his artistic creativity!

Lance and his family recently moved across several states, but his dedication and commitment has helped him smoothly transition from a brick and mortar school to Whitmore School’s online curriculum. Lance was able to quickly adapt. He immediately dove into his classes, taking several Honors courses, earning high scores and straight A’s. Yet all the while, staying closely connected to the friends he left behind by playing online video games with them daily. Lance also settled into his new home and community by dedicating some of his free time to volunteering at a local museum. He enjoys assisting school groups on field trips at the museum with hands-on fossil digs and gem panning programs. With his incredible knowledge of science and his passion for archeology he is able to encourage students to delve into the amazing world of science!

Lance S. Earth

Lance is a great mentor, because he holds the heart of a true scientist…actively seeking new information and researching evidence to share this understanding with others!

Can you say, “Future Nobel Prize winner”?
We certainly can!



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