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Kylie S. Singer – Songwriter Travels the World

Young Girl with a Bright Future

Have you ever heard a voice and thought, “Wow, what an amazing singer?”. This is what I thought when I listened to one of our students, Kylie’s music. Her teacher here at Whitmore, Clint, shared her music with me, I immediately knew I had to call Kylie and ask how she got started in her music career.

When Kylie was 7 years old, she was curious about poetry and was always writing short stories, poems, and singing lines to a song. She participated in talent shows and at 12 years old, Kylie started playing piano, guitar, and the Ukulele (amazing, right!?)

Kylie shared that she became interested in singing when her cousin asked her if she would sing at their wedding. Kylie wanted to make this special for her cousin, instead of doing an album cover, she wrote a personal song for them called, “Blue Jeans”. She hasn’t stopped singing since.

A change in School and Music

In the 8th grade, Kylie got mono that made her too tired to do normal teenage things. Instead, she stayed home writing and taking vocal lessons. Entering the 9th grade, Kylie still had mono, which was unusual.

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Kylie’s parents took her to the doctor where they diagnosed her with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). With her health issues it was hard for Kylie to focus in a traditional brick and mortar school. Both Kylie and her parents agreed that attending an online high school would be best.

While attending online high school, Kylie met her first producer, Greg. Kylie shared that Greg understood her sound and the goals she wanted to pursue with her music career.

Kylie’s first single came out in July 2017 called, “Lying Eyes”. It hit the iTunes Hot Track charts and has accumulated more than 150,000 Spotify streams, with 30,000 listeners the month it was released. Kylie said, “This was the moment I knew, I wanted to make singing a career”.

 Big City to Small Town

When Kylie’s family moved to Montana, she went from living in a big city to a small town. She decided to go to the public school in Montana so that she could make friends. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel like she fit in and decided to go back to an online high school, she did research and came across Whitmore School and knew it would be the best fit for her.

Making a schedule at Whitmore

Kylie shared (with much delight) that she ended up touring in Europe with Dennis Lloyd, a very well known musician. When I asked her about the tour she said, “It was the best 3 weeks of my life!”

With Kylie touring and focusing on her music, I asked her how she juggles music and being a student at Whitmore?  She replied,”I keep a schedule. I usually work out in the morning. Then I do a couple hours of school work in the day. Once I have finished my school work, I manage my business making phone calls, replying to emails, and writing new songs”.

Whitmore has allowed Kylie to do all the things she loves while pursuing her music career. Kylie has a bright future ahead of her! She has been enjoying Whitmore and continues to do what she loves.

teen girl playing guitar and singing at a concert
Kylie in concert


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