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Kya B. – Dancer, Vlogger and Author

Kya’s enthusiastically endorses Whitmore School on her YouTube channel because she can “go to school” and have time to do all the other things she loves. You can check out her YouTube channel Artabulous Life here. In a recent interview, she tells Alina, Admissions Assistant, how fun and busy her life is.

Interview with Kya

“I started my youtube channel in September of 2017 and have fallen in love with it since then. I was very reserved before I began Youtube, but when I did I became more confident, my communication skills increased, and making videos made me feel good in general. However, being in the spotlight was not new to me at all.”

Studying African Dance

“At the age of 3, I started doing African dance, which is a complex type of dance where certain moves can take you months to perfect. When I reached my ten-year mark of doing African dance, I decided I wanted to add on another type of dance to my belt, which was hip-hop. When I was 13, I started taking hip-hop classes and a year after starting that I auditioned into a dance team.

Throughout my whole life, I have had many performances (doing African dance), small and big. Some big shows that I have done were opening up for Ta-Nehisi Coates, an African American author who writes about culture, politics, and social issues, as well as writing the Black Panther comic book series.  I also opened up for Les Nubians, a French musical duo composed of two sisters, which is on my youtube channel. Lastly, the biggest event I have had was dancing on the news, on Channel 8, Washington, DC for African Heritage Month. That video is also on my Youtube Channel.”

Published Author

“Apart from all of the dancing and youtube, I like to draw (videos are on my youtube channel), play with my cat, eat delicious vegan food, play the guitar and piano, read, and write books. I have one published book so far which I wrote when I was ten, and it is called “Found You” the book was published when I was 11. Going back to the guitar and piano, I started teaching myself how to play the guitar in the 6th grade, and at the moment I am teaching myself the piano. One more fun fact about is that I’m vegan, and have been for my whole life!

While I do all of these forms of art in my life, I make sure I include school. My schedule on a regular chill day is getting up at around 9 am, getting ready in the morning, and then starting my school work. I have been doing 6 courses at the same time doing 2 assignments a day and working 5 days a week, next year I’m hoping to lighten up my workload. I started homeschooling in 7th grade, and I chose to do it because I wanted to focus and improve on my talents.”

What Does the Future Hold?

“As I get older, I want whatever my business would be to include all of my talents into my life while doing youtube, and just make people happy whether it’s my art, dance, or videos. I love seeing people enjoying my performances and seeing them with a genuine smile on their faces, and that’s one reason why I do what I do.”

~ Kya B.

Way to go Kya! We are so proud of your outstanding work at Whitmore School and your talent in dance.

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