Student Shout Outs

Kinsley W. – Entrepreneur

Kinsley is an entrepreneur, who started her first business in November 2015, when she was just 10 years old! She started with a line of slingshot-type toys, called Flash Copters. She is artistic and creative. Painted Coasters

She travels and sold her items at over 150 vendor events, and had her items showcased in a storefront. Kinsley is currently working on her Etsy shop. She puts most of her profits into a savings account, but she also opened an investment account when she was only 14! Kinsley has donated to animal rescue shelters, where she got her dogs from. She added LED dog collars to her collection and eventually phased into dog products, which included leashes, bandanas, rope toys and homemade dog biscuits.

Baseball Door HangingShe personalizes items, such as shirts, cups, bags, holiday items, phone cases; etc. Her artwork consists of poured canvases, personalized initial paintings, and coasters. Kinsley has always enjoyed painting and has started a line of door hangings.


Boutique Kids ClothesLast summer, she transitioned into more of a boutique line of items with jewelry,  accessories, seasonal items, chap stick holders and shirts, among other items.

Kinsley has been invited to speak at her local elementary and middle schools to share her entrepreneurial experiences and to encourage young people to follow their dreams.

Kinsley is a straight A student at Whitmore, and we are so proud of her!

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