Student Shout Outs

Kaylee C. – Blacksmith

Kaylee has always had an interest in horses since she was about 10 years old. Once she got her first horse, she knew she wanted a career working with horses. Her interest narrowed down and she focused on becoming a farrier in 2019.

Kaylee C. Blacksmithing Kaylee C. Grinding metal








In the summer of 2020, her family learned of a local blacksmith shop and Kaylee began classes to develop the skills that would benefit her as a farrier. For her first craft, she made a fire poker by taking a round piece of iron and making four flat sides which came to a point at the end. She continued honing her skills and made a steak turner for her second craft. For this piece, she began as she did with the fire poker and made the four flattened sides, but she added a curved end with a point and twisted the other end of the metal for a decorative handle.

Kaylee C. Sharpening

Kaylee has now progressed to making knives, and so far she has completed two knives. Kaylee’s goal after graduation is to attend Oklahoma Horseshoeing School.

Kaylee has always put forth her very best in academics here at Whitmore School, so we are positive Kaylee’s horses will be shod in the finest shoes around!

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