Student Shout Outs

Joon P. – Compassionate Humanitarian

Joon heard there was a need to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland, resulting from the war between Russia and Ukraine. He wanted to serve in any capacity he could. So, Joon applied to volunteer at the refugee camps in Poland over the summer. Once he was accepted, Joon  traveled with his family to volunteer with an organization, “Youth with a Mission” there.

Joon’s older brother, Gene, made this video of the good deeds they performed:



Joon said, “I worked in a refugee camp where I was given the gift of bringing joy and comfort to Ukrainian children. I was also delighted to work with other volunteers to provide for the adults through logistics and general service. It was truly reassuring to see so many different volunteers from all over the world come together and work in unity for those in more unfortunate situations than others. I believe that many of the refugees were reassured as well. It was a great honor to be given the opportunity to work with other volunteers to help those in need, and provide some measure of comfort.”

Joon P. #4

Special thanks to Joon and his family for their kindness and willingness to travel great distances to help others!


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